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With more than 20 years of Clinical excellence and expertise in dentistry, North Miami Beach dentist Dr. Viviana...

Virginia man’s mother, grandmother among those missing in Miami condo collapse

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BEFORE YOU START COSMETOLOGY SCHOOL…WHATCH THIS VIDEO// I wish someone prepared me for cosmetology school, so here I am to help the next future professional. Hope you guys enjoy. Don’t forget to subscribe and thumbs up my first video.

Hey Girly, I’m Akira and I’m a licensed Cosmetologist. I created this channel to share my knowledge in the beauty industry(mainly hair) to help clear the misconceptions. Join me on the road to success as a hairstylist, as I share tips, my experience and a few tutorials.

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  1. I remember when I was young, I told my friends I was going to cosmetology school. They said that I sucked at math. They thought I was going to try to become an astrophysicist.

  2. My daughter was so excited to go to cosmetology school and learn everything she could. She studies and does everything asked of her especially knowing she is paying for this schooling/education. Now that she’s in school her current instructor is not teaching them as she should. She’s very defensive, and hostile at times. She is hardly the role model her students can look up to . How do you report a bad instructor??? Help!!!

  3. She is not wrong about the girls and boys being at each other's throats. So much D R A M A !! I am the kind of person thats sensitive to those around me, empath, and no matter what I did, this was always an issue for me. I quit COS twice because of the teachers and student drama. You definitely want to get along with your classmatesand teachers because you'll see them for 8 plus hours a day for over a year like she says in this video, but it can quickly turn into a dreadful situation when you find yourself in the middle or on yhe bad side of someone. There are so many cliques that tend to form. O don't want to dicourage anyone but you have to have thick skin and a resilience to yourself to get past the stressful situations you'll find yourself in. The last time I tried COS, my best friend went with me and situations got so bad and stress that we don't even talk anymore. So no joke, you have to be mentally prepared for all of this. Its a fun and rewarding career, there are so many possibilities so don't be discouraged. I plan on going back to Paul Mitchell COS school in a few months on a part time, night class schedule. But I'm definitely going to watch my own back because else will. It's a learning environment but remember it's also very competitive. I also hate to say it but watch your supplies closely. You pay for a kit but you're constantly buying and adding more to it. Supplies are very expensive and people would get caught stealing a lot. One more thing, per state bored requirements, at least in NC, I assume it's everywhere, you have to wear all black. Some schools give you scrubs to wear, I know at at Paul Mitchell school you wear black clothes. Any mishaps in dress code. You have to go home. You have to look like a COs student, hair makeup, has to look good or you go home and like stated in this video, hours are your holy grail to follow. You start missing minutes and your ass will be hounded by teachers till you make up for lost time. Good luck. 😄

  4. people who think cosmetology is easy dont realize colorists are chemists. youre legit mixing chemicals together that have to end up being safe enough to put on a client. from what others have told me who were in cosmo in my high school (vocational-technical school) you have to know the bones of the face and hands and feet on top of knowing your chemicals, their reaction to other chemicals and skin, learning the correct application of color and bleach and toner. anyone who has tried to do their own hair and wound up running back to the salon to get it fixed understands a bit that cosmetology IS HARD. you can have a natural talent or knack for it but its a lot of work and its a very physical job. I love cosmetology but even if I got my license I would never work in a salon again! on your feet all day, cleaning, rushing around, dealing with rude ass people, using your hands and wrists all day (theres a reason carpal tunnel is a recurring problem amongst hair stylists) I do one person at mynhouse and my entire body hurts, I could not do it all day every day as much as I would enjoy it if I wasn't in pain lol

  5. i want to go towards body waxing, facial waxing, skin care(facials + what to use and what not to use), hair care but not specifically hair styling and nails…would cosmetology school be the way to go still or

  6. Are most schools the same? Like is there a school out there that is better at teaching how it work with black hair because that’s the demographic I want to work with after school.

  7. So how did you pay for the school?
    I mean like did you work part time job while your at the school and full time in cosmetology school. One more thing how did you applying for the school?
    Anyway thanks for the video very helpful for my future I’m a high school junior now I’m passionate about cosmetology 😘

  8. I'm supposed to be starting cosmetology school on 21 of this month. Growing up I've always been interested in hair. When I was younger I would always style my dolls hair then, I eventually I started styling my own hair, then my big sister, my grandmother, my mother, etc. So, I know with the hands on I'm sure I'll be fast at learning that but my concerns is really about the chemistry that I'll learn. I know in public school you'll learn science but the thing is I've been homeschooled for most of my life (btw, it's not that we didn't learn science in homeschool it's just even with being homeschooled the science was still hard to understand) Only because me and my big sister learn differently than others and it took up alot longer to get things than others depending on what it is. Is the chemistry in cosmetology school hard? I guess it's different for everyone on rather it's hard or not. My program is 12 months so I know that 1 year would go by quickly.

    Another thing to that I didn't mention is that I know that taking notes of what the teacher says is important but when I think about notes I think about literally writing everything single word being said and I'm not even a fast writer 😆

  9. I’m now a senior in highschool, I really want to go to cosmetology school but I want to mainly focus on doing sew-ins/closures. I’ve been struggling to find a college that fits that. Any school suggestions?😭

  10. This is so true about the hours due to having type 1 there were days I had to go to the hospital for emergencies see my family doctor and medical team to deal with it and it messed up my hours so definitely go in everyday on time I've been catching up on my hours it's a bit better but honestly if it wasn't for covid I would have been done 2 months ago 😭
    Also definitely right on asking questions in class no question is a stupid question because you never know maybe someone else was going to ask the same question as you plus you're spending a lot of money to learn get you money's worth don't sit down and take up space as my granny would have said 😂

  11. I think that's with any higher education girl. My friends and I always spent a lot of time apart because of college and work. And we were all in totally different career choices

  12. I finally start next week after 4 years of trying to get the time for cosmetology school. I’ve had family degrade me for wanting to do it and my dad always told me he didn’t care if I went to school for under water basket weaving as long as I get an education so I’m finally going it!!

  13. I’m worried about putting money into school and then not making enough😕 on average how long does it normally take to start making good money and building a clientele! Cosmetology is my passion but I want to be able to make a good income off it!

  14. I really wanna go for it I just graduated high school and I’m so interested in doing it! But I’m scared because I don’t know how to do braids and stuff like that and I wanna learn!

  15. I'm thinking about taking to cosmetology classes, I've loved makeup for awhile and I practice often more then I used to because quarantine is giving me more time. I also have a few more classes I'd want to take, but for a junior college do you think I should take a class even if its online to see how I like it?

  16. so I'm about to change my major to cosmetology I originially wanted to be a teacher but it wasn't working out so I decided I wanted to do cosmetology because I love doing woman's hair and especially men I have a question tho if you just want to do men's hair or woman's do you still have to do manicures and pedicures while doing woman's and men's hair or do they switch it up and just stick with what I want to focus probably not making sense but I'm just curious also loved the video 🙂


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With more than 20 years of Clinical excellence and expertise in dentistry, North Miami Beach dentist Dr. Viviana...
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