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Revolutionizing Estate Planning for Financial Advisors

NEW YORK, Jan. 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — FP Alpha, a trailblazer in AI assisted wealthtech solutions, is thrilled to announce significant enhancements to its unique Estate Snapshot offering. This innovative tool empowers financial advisors to efficiently summarize and visualize critical elements of a client’s estate plan, simplifying the complexities of fiduciaries, beneficiaries, and asset distribution provisions.

Automated Efficiency, Human-Free Precision

“Traditionally, FP Alpha’s AI-driven Estate Snapshot involved document analysis by both AI and human experts, taking an average of 3-5 days,” said Andrew Altfest, CEO and Founder of FP Alpha. “The latest enhancements eliminate the need for human review in cases of wills and simple revocable trusts, reducing processing time to mere minutes, he continued.” Full automation for cases involving irrevocable trusts is slated to be rolled out throughout 2024. Furthermore, 100% automation is now achieved for Power of Attorney (POA), advanced directives, and health care proxies, providing advisors with client deliverables in just a few minutes.

Compelling Visuals, Enhanced Insights

FP Alpha takes visual representation to the next level with improved visuals on client deliverables. The enhanced graphics make it even more compelling for clients, aiding in better comprehension of their estate plans.

Key Benefits for Financial Advisors

Time Saver: Dramatically reduces the time to generate the Estate Snapshot from days to minutes.

Efficiency Boost: Advisors can now serve more clients with streamlined estate document reviews.

Dynamic Solution: The Estate Lab facilitates easy visualization, allowing advisors to illustrate asset distribution scenarios post-client passing.

The Advanced Estate Lab In addition to the Estate Snapshot upgrades, FP Alpha introduces a revamped Estate Lab with cutting-edge features. The Estate Lab is a dynamic solution that allows advisors to model different scenarios to help drive client planning.

Enhanced Customization: Users can model various scenarios specific to their clients, with the ability to simulate up to three custom scenarios simultaneously.

Effortless Modeling: The lab automates the creation of flowcharts, saving advisors hours typically spent in PowerPoint.

Real-time Calculations: Provides a comprehensive overview, including estate tax liabilities for current and proposed strategies.

Probate Asset Highlights: Identifies probate assets across multiple time periods, offering a holistic view.

HNW Client Acquisition & Retention: enables advisors to build relationships with the next generation and increase client and asset retention.

FP Alpha continues to redefine the landscape of financial technology, delivering tools that empower financial advisors and enhance client experiences.

About FP Alpha
Founded by financial planner and industry leader, Andrew Altfest, CFP ®, FP Alpha is an AI-driven advanced planning solution that helps advisors identify actionable recommendations to clients, in a scalable, intelligent, and cost-efficient manner. FP Alpha is designed to integrate seamlessly into the many stages of the financial planning process and is complementary to the advisor’s current financial planning software, starting where they stop. By leveraging AI learning and subject matter experts across 16 financial planning disciplines, including tax, estate and insurance, this innovative platform allows advisors to uncover new planning opportunities and provide clients with more holistic advice. For more information, please visit: Patent Pending.


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