Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Miami Apartment Tour 2021 | 283sq ft Micro Apartment

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Welcome to my Miami apartment Tour 2021!! I started renting this micro-apartment in February and I’m almost done decorating but wanted to show you my progress so far!

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-Shelf Divider-
Shoe Rack-
-Key Rack Hooks-

-Under Counter Shelf-
-Under Sink Water Filter-
-Clear Storage Containers-
-Floating Shelves-
-Always Pan-

-Spin Bike-

-Storage Baskets-
-Roller Blinds-
-Floating Shelves-
– Futon Floor Mattress-

Living Room
-Ceiling Projector Mount-
-Projector Screen Mount-
-Mini Projector-
-Projector Screen-
Air Purifier-

Same shelves as bedroom. Everything else was dollar store, home goods and Walmart





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  1. She didnt use that closet space qell, one small shelf in the middle of nowhere on the wall and the over storage caddy need to be closed off in a cabinet. Too cluttered.

  2. Have you thought about moving the fridge and freezer pins to the left, so you open the doors in the opposite direction? That way you can better utilize the fridge and freezer in your kitchen instead of the entry way.

  3. Hi Allison,
    Some changes in my life may be taking place in the near future and I do not know where I might be living or the funds I may have. I lived at my own condo for 20 years with many antiques and a few modern pieces. My rent was close to 400 more than my sister's mortgage but for a luxury apartment that was gated and secure (after being in an abusive relationship for years) the expense for safety and a nice place was worth it. I moved out of there for different reasons and relocated to basically a tom to rent in a furnished house where I only have to pay for the utilities and t hff e seasonal yard work. Being that I down sized do much when I relocated (I gave away tons to a friend at work and Habitat Restore) now when I relocate again I will have hardly anything to move or pack. So I have been checking out these videos on living small.
    Today my lunch hour was over when your video popped up but you looked hip and cool and your place looked cool. So I found it tonight. There are not many places in my area that have studios or efficiencies. The one studio near me (8 minutes from Washington, DC) the rent for 300 sq feet is $1467 with everything included. That is so steep I think.
    I loved how you have your belongings in the nice baskets in the wooden assembly. I would love those for my Fabrics and all my beads. I love all your shelves. Very cool, new and different. The shelf by your front door with the mail holder I love. I too am into aqua marine. I eiukd love to sit in tiyr bathroom and have tea. It is so tranquil with the color. I would be right at home with that size of a Murphys bed. The entire time I rented my apartment I had a twin do I eiukd have more time for my seeing machine and crafts/craft table. I am big into plants and actually have been trying to give them away even with the nice pots they are in but no one wants them.
    In all these videos there is always something that is not my cup of tea or I want to tell the person an idea but, I LOOOOOOOOVE your happy abode 100%. I think you did an awesome decorating job. God Bless you too! I have subscribed.
    Rebekah in Arlington, VA

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! I love everything you have done. Always wanted an Always pan lol. They are so cool. This is such an inspiring video. Just lovely. As are you! Thank you🙏😍 ps where is your puppy?🐾 I couldn't hear too well…is it a doggo? Would love to see!

  5. I watch A LOT of these types of vids….your place is amazing. Thank you for sharing. You don't need the background music, honestly. You were so concise and to the point on everything, but sometimes the music made it hard to hear what you were saying. Great tour, though!!


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Tour Miami's NEWEST Luxury Tower | One Thousand Museum by Zaha Hadid

Tour Miami's NEWEST Luxury Tower | One Thousand Museum by Zaha Hadid ✌️ Follow Us Website | Instagram...
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