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Thoughts of High Rise Living After the Miami Building Collapse

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Ever since the unthinkable happened with the Miami Building Collapse, its got me seriously thinking what it means to live in a high rise and how safe it really is. Here are the thoughts that have been going through my head since it happened.

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  1. I lived in a new high rise. It was lovely. Beautiful views and great location. HOA was the biggest downside. I sold it as soon as I found out the city was planning a subway line that was going to pass under the building, or next to it in the same block. No thanks.

  2. Just wondering what will happen to condo prices in the near future once owners and potential buyers learn about pitfalls of reinforced concrete seaside properties.
    I think it will require a lot to persuade future condo buyers after this tragedy.
    You can only feel sorry for condo owners.

  3. The truth is people pay a big price for living in Paradise. The water is rising in many Florida areas and Hurricane risk makes the whole area less appealing. My parents lived inland in Florida and they loved it but they told me about sink holes.

  4. Life is full of risk. Living in a high rise may be a bit more nerve wracking, but it's not necessarily any more risky than living in a single family home. Houses burn down all the time, or you can purchase one that looks beautiful on the outside and has a ton of property but then turns out to be a lemon because the builder took all kinds of shortcuts that they shouldn't have, but hid them cleverly so it would pass inspection and the flaws would take enough time to manifest that he could no longer be held responsible. Within a year of living in a beautiful home we purchased, all the tile floors had to be ripped up and replaced because he didn't put sub-floors under any of the tile work, there was severe water damage done to the french doors and the whole back of the house because the gutters weren't attached properly and it wasn't visible until the damage was done, the stairs were pulling away from the flooring upstairs under the carpet because the foundation was improperly laid…I could go on and on. You live, learn and move on. We had a whole different attitude about renting once we were taken advantage of after buying our first home. I'll tell you what though…it will NEVER happen again, that's for sure. You can't live in fear, however, as It won't help matters. Good luck with whatever you decide.

  5. Michael – You showed a video of your flooded garage and you walking up flights of stairs in your current building. Your building appears very unsafe (no matter what you are being told). If I were you, I would have moved out yesterday. It's possible that so called "safe" buildings may be falling more often due to increased environmental erosion.

  6. What happened at Champlain towers could happen at any other building in your area. The key is maintenance. As a retired builder I explain what happened to that building as simply as I can. For the non industry people out there think of the accident like this.
    In simple terms: Have you ever seen someone pull a table cloth out from under a fully set table of dishes and cups etc..? Well think of the pool deck and overhead ceiling of the garage area as the table cloth.
    The table cloth is attached in this case all along the exterior of the building with concrete slabs that are sewn together with rebar into the outside carrying wall and columns that are holding up the entire load of the building both Dead load ( the structure) and the Live load ( the people , equipment and possessions )
    The deck ( table cloth) was severely damaged by water and concrete spalling and it collapsed thru the carrying columns leaving the deck attached to the outside wall and carrying columns being yanked OUT OF PLUM. Just like what would happen if you tried the table cloth trick but instead of pulling it very fast leaving the cups and saucers standing upright, what if you pulled it very very slowly a tug at a time? Well the cups and saucers would come crashing down.
    Well that is exactly what happened to Champlain towers. The structural integrity that transferred the Loads to the columns was no longer able to do its job. The columns were pulled out of plumb as were the walls and the tremendous weight above just did what Gravity does when it no longer has legs to stand on. How many times have you had your knees buckle forward? You fall very quickly without warning. Sadly , the buildings owners and associations knew exactly that the building was moving and that the deck was in bad condition three years prior to the accident.
    My God what a tragedy.
    If you live in a high rise, speak up and demand to see any and all inspection reports. Personally I would not live in a high rise building. I have built too many of them and I know what goes on some of the time. Those buildings were built from the easiest and least expensive way to construct a high rise.
    If a building isn’t built with a steel skeleton and curtain wall exterior , I would not live in it.
    And if it were built like Champlain towers I wouldn’t even consider living there if it’s more than 25 years old. Good luck to you all.
    God bless

  7. I worked for a company,for a shirt time, whose main office was in the penthouse of a high rise. I never felt totally comfortable working there. These high buildings have never attracted me and now I know why…..

  8. Best to own your own detached house, outright. You don't have to pay HOA management fees, lease charges, high insurance. This is really sad for the people who have invested their lifesavings in condos, whilst the developers, builders etc. have made millions.

  9. Thanks for this video. I have thought about it a lot too from Texas because of catastrophic suddenness of it in the middle of the night.

  10. HOA's have always been a deterrent for me. Another thing to think about in Florida is the rising sea levels and the impact on inland real estate. An example is Little Haiti.

  11. I have no desire to live in a high rise. I like simply being able to walk outside, for starters. (In my career, I travelled a lot, so I was stuck in high-rise hotel rooms all the time. I became tired of feeling stuck. That is my primary complaint.) Add to that: Fires? 9/11-style attack? And, now, this collapse? No, thank you.

  12. And now all these condo towers being built with rooftop pools and pool decks, with planters. If the pool maintenance room looked as bad as it did in this building whats going to happen to a structure with a leaking pool deck on top?

  13. Good day. Great video you made ! Next time can you take your glasses off please?
    Its much nicer to see someone s eyes as they talk .
    Plus it puts people at ease with seeing your eyes than eyeglasses on .
    Yes i do believe that the condos rules n inspections are going to be a HUGE difference to the condo owners n their hoa fees .
    No way would i live in a high rise condo ..they dont impress me at all.
    I guess because i grew up in an old stone house with no running water at times.
    We had a fire at the house when i was 2 years old ..yes i am the baby of the family.
    I remember everything about that night also..
    My parents forgot about me on their bed !!
    They got the 4 other kids out but not me !
    I remember the fireman in his outfit picking me up and throwing me out the window to those white circle tarps ( i dont know what the name is for them ) he threw me out and i landed in the middle ..
    That was only the 2nd floor !!
    So if i lived on the 17.18 th floor of condos and theres a fire where do you go ?
    You cant jump out the i guess im just a scaredy cat !! Lol lol
    thank you kindly for sharing .

  14. I've always wanted to experience high rise living along the beach, but now, those dreams are dashed. Not sure if they will come back. I live in a 4 floor building, on the top floor, and I'm still feeling uncomfortable. Plus, I know not to live in a high rise with the parking garage below it. That would mean the rest of the building is being supported by those beams in the garage. I'm also thinking about high rise hotels, and even office buildings. I travel a lot and I always ask for a room on the top floor. After seeing what happened in Miami, not sure if I want to be on the bottom floor or the top. Just lots on my mind right now since this tragedy is so fresh in my mind. Maybe those thoughts will decrease in time. One thing I know for sure, if I have no choice but to live in one, I will do all I can to get access to maintenance/engineering reports on the building first. I'm not sure if renters have access to that information. Does anyone know?

  15. Fear is negative. Not all buildings will fall. I would check for cracks / moisture (yes check more) I remember that concrete building standing in Mexico beach (sorry if misspelled) after Maria. I still think many buildings are very solid, impossible to build in California as they WILL collapse in a strong earthquake.

  16. Some places are not meant to be lived on, I believe this is one of them. Now you have the proof, I mean the cars would float in the garage, I mean really!, that in itself is not normal. And most certainly a red flag, the cracks were huge. After the building collapse it was like sand, it crumbled. I am sure the salt water acts as a humidifier, keeping the structure moist. I am just calling it from someone that lives in the desert and from the photo of the building I seen online, this is what I see. Do not let the HOA's get away with not doing their jobs.

    I cant stop thinking about this, I personally would never live in a high rise, or live so close to the water. I just cant believe it. All those buildings need be checked every month and charge monthly fees. Don't wait people, what you waiting for?


  17. I lived in a high rise on Lake Erie outside of Cleveland. My family and I was so excited to live on the 16th floor. It was lit, I loved it. But looking back I’m now wondering how safe it was and how well that building was maintained. After what happen in Surfside, every high rise building is suspect to me. I’m thinking any building could be on the brink of collapsing at any moment. Being that the Champlain Tower was so nice is the most terrifying part. It’s truly eye opening. You CANNOT judge a book by it’s cover; even when it’s fancy.

  18. I am watching all these videos on the tower collapse because I can't stop thinking about it too. Although I live in Manchester UK. I kept waking up thinking about it then I saw this image of sea waves washing up-to the tower. It's so horrendous and shocking but it's a powerful story too and gripping for some reason. But on a positive note I just love the way you guys talk over there when I listen to your videos. It's amazing how strong you are all being. Sending love and best wishes over the ocean from Manchester UK.💐💐💐

  19. So sorry for the anxiety you're feeling over this terrible event. There are definitely more risks involved in living in a condo. I hope the government in Miami bring in tougher regulations about the maintenance of buildings there because otherwise it's super nerve-wracking even visiting Miami. I have lived in a couple of apartment blocks here in Ireland but here we have restrictions on height so a lot of them are only 7 stories max.

  20. I live in CT and have been looking at Miami Beach condos for a second place to spend half the year and I have to say I have crossed all of those condo buildings from 50s to 80s. I’m now just looking at town houses in middle of the avenues.

  21. I used to live in an apartment building in north Miami Beach (Aventura Oaks) after I got married. Grew up in a house all my life. I would think about the building collapsing, especially because it was an old building. I can relate. Anyway, do not be afraid, God keep you and guard your going in and out.


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