Sunday, July 25, 2021

Dallas woman who went to Mexico for plastic surgery returns on life support

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A Dallas real estate agent is on life support with brain damage after traveling to Mexico for plastic surgery. Laura Avila’s family says she went to a clinic in Ciudad Juárez last month for several procedures, including a nose job and breast implant replacement. But before those procedures actually began, there were major complications. Anna Werner reports.

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  1. She was pretty and wanted more surgery? Smh never understood that other than money. So you gonna leave the best doctors in the US to go to Mexico with worst doctors and centers just because of money? Smh come on now. If you can’t afford it in the US then save up and grind to get it in the US if you want it that bad never go to Mexico for procedures

  2. An unfortunate case of you get what you pay for. The very sad thing about all this is 90 percent of people who do these procedures have absolutely nothing wrong with them most are just so beautiful like this lady but perceptions make them see otherwise. I wish this family all the best

  3. I’m looking to retire in the Caribbean but haven’t pulled the trigger because of the substandard healthcare system. I have no idea why anyone in their right mind would look to a third world country for elective surgery. Makes zero sense.

  4. That’s the risk you take . Mexico plastic surgery is way cheaper, that’s the reason ppl drive over there … To go to the Dentist, get behind the counter pills and so forth. A lot of Americans driving down there to get these procedures done. I don’t recommend it. First of all , this woman is a beautiful girl . For her own reasons she opted move forward to get this procedure done in Mexico , of all places. She knew what was at stake , it’s sad but it’s Facts!

  5. My friend Olivia Martin died at Beverly hills physicians , I was told if they go under a muscle on butox that a blood clot will form then cardiac arrest , or to much anesthesia 🥺

  6. Mexico Has Some Of the Best Centers In the World but obviously places like this in Ciudad Juarez Are shams…..Dont Look for A Deal When Having any type Of Surgery wherever YOU might Be Your LIFE IS MORE VALUABLE THEN SAVING AN EXTRA COUPLE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS GO TO CERTIFIED TOP OF THE NOTCH INSTITUTIONS

  7. if It Is better in the usa stay over there. dont go to other countries and if you do its under your responsability. It wasnt a necessary operation. We should accept ourselves as we are. The beauty Is in the soul. The body reflects the beauty of the soul.

  8. how are you going to go to another country like mexico and try to sue a practioner who doesn't adhere to U.S laws. People don't think about this stuff they just see the cheap prices mexico offers.


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Fisher Island's Best Views from Villa Del Mare Penthouse #7292 – Fisher Island, Miami Luxury Condo

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