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Miami Resort | Building Demolition | BlowDown | S01 E03| Free Documentary

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Miami Resort Demolition: Blowdown is an explosive four part series profiling some of the most challenging projects of Controlled Demolition Inc of Phoenix, Maryland.
Each of the structures, some notable, others notorious is unique and present the team with challenges ranging from the structural, to the explosive and to the bureaucratic.

In this episode, the team from CDI travels to Bal Harbour, in Miami Beach Florida to take down an old resort complex set in the middle of some of Florida’s most expensive real estate. The Sheraton Bal Harbour Beach Resort played host to Frank Sinatra and John F Kennedy, just days before his assassination. Designed during the post World War II boom the Sheraton was one of North America’s first luxury resorts. Over the years the shine on the resort’s crown tarnished and developers purchased the property to make way for a billion dollar condominium/hotel development.

The stars of the film are the two major structures that make up the core of the resort’s property: a 17 storey hotel tower, and a 12 storey parking complex with hotel rooms on the top floors. The demolition team struggles with the proximity of the neighbors – one set are just 18 feet away – and the difficulty of undermining a structure built to withstand hurricane forces.

To bring the two towers down the team will use both dynamite and shaped charges – over 500 pounds of blasting power. The shaped charges are high velocity explosives – the same technology they employ is used in armor piercing shells and warheads. The team uses the charges to cut structural steel found inside the towers.

The team comes in to work the Miami job strait from another demolition: the Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas. They have just ten days to prepare, load and implode the resort complex. Major concerns are the proximity of the neighbors, undermining the structural steel in the resort towers, and the dust cloud created by the implosion.


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  1. I have always known how complicated it is to do this but that really showed the mechanics of it. Will help other people see that these are really the best way to safely bring a building down.

  2. Legend has it that if you wait long enough these buildings self destruct.
    RIP all who went to sleep that night and never woke up. God works in mysterious ways …

  3. 10:50 I don't understand some people. They moan about dust but what… Would rather an eyesore to look at for months and months? I would have said fine… I can't afford slower demolition and let a load of druggies, hippies, climate freaks move in for a dollar a month.

  4. I’m here after seeing the video of the Champlain Tower Collapsing like a pancake . Anyone else? . I don’t understand how Champlain Tower just fall and collapse on its own without any types of explosions 🤔 I can’t wrap my mind around it ….how did it fall on its own🤔

  5. Hmm, it seems that MIAMI is prone to poorly constructed buildings and demolitions. What a waste of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!! Greed, corruption spurred by political ideals are usually the culprits in such cases. They spend so many hundreds of millions, if not billions to erect such buildings, but would not pay a decent wage to the poor folks who keep them hygienically ready…day after day. Sometimes, Heaven offers its justice.

  6. Wow THAT was awesome to watch ‼️who knew that this kinda thing would peak My interest . I'M JUST loving this 💗 I could watch implosions everyday.🙋🏽💯💯💯💯👍🏽.❤️


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Virginia man’s mother, grandmother among those missing in Miami condo collapse

Although the heartbreak and devastation of the catastrophe in Miami Dade County, Florida is miles away, the impact is...
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