Wednesday, July 28, 2021

2021 Miami Gun Show | Price Gouging

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Today we are at the Miami gun show in South Florida, check out some new firearms. we ended up buy a new hunting rifle.

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  1. he really got the first gun he saw. thats like being around all those hot girls that are in FL. all this new pretty girls that come in and you marry the one right out of high school. dont go into the bar and leave at 8:00pm

  2. Went to gun show in Michigan last Friday looking for small pistol primers, found one guy selling them for $150 dollars per case of 1000, no thanks! Luckily I still have about 450 regular and another 400 small pistol magnum which work fine in place of regular. Plus I have about 2000 small rifle primers which from what I have seen can substitute in a pinch. Same guy was selling 50 round boxes of 5.7×28 ammo for $100 each. He told me he could do better on the 5.7 if I bought all 4 boxes that he had. I laughed at him and informed him I have 20 boxes in an ammo can at home.

  3. I'm an ignorant Ca boy, you can buy a rifle and take it home on the same day in Miami Fl. ? 10 day wait here handgun and Long gun,, Probably ammo next, already a background check for Ammo.

  4. All these guns and ammo were bought before the pandemic and biden at a good price they paid 8 to 10 dollars for a box of 9mm and selling for 30 to 50 a box if you give them 20dollars they are doubling thier money . So hold off and don't buy and the prices will come down

  5. Gun shows are serious gouging to look not to buy. Used to get some great deals but not these days total sellers market. If people are willing to pay those prices they’ll keep overcharging it’s business(supply and demand). Many of these firearms you can’t even get ammo for right now, so you’re basically just buying an expensive paperweight.

  6. I completely agree with you about the vendor's not knowing their ass, from a hole in the ground, and the products they have for sale!! And especially the prices of handguns, long guns, & shotguns. I grew up, and lived in South Florida for 76 of my soon to be 79 years. And then I moved to what I call, ''NO FUCKING WHERE GEORGIA!!!" Should've never moved!! But that's all on me. Good video. Thanks

  7. "Is the scope accurate"? I bout spit my coffee out. Hilarious. you guys got a lot to learn. I can remember my first time at a gun show, it was like I walked in with a big ol bullseye painted right on my forehead. You'll learn.

  8. observation: It is taboo to be commenting on the price in front of a dealer. Especially when you are not a buyer.
    The video becomes "Dopey kid video from a Gun Show."
    You pay $2k for a weekend booth. And travel, lodging costs.


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With more than 20 years of Clinical excellence and expertise in dentistry, North Miami Beach dentist Dr. Viviana...
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