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Larry Bird & Robert Parish ''Basketball Clinic'' vs Miami Heat (1991)

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35-year-old Larry Bird and 38-year-old Robert Parish showing young guns from Miami Heat how fundamental basketball is played. Just a great performance by …


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  1. Funny thing about the Chief is that, at that time, he'd been beating opposition centers down the court for easy buckets for more than a dozen years and here he is still doing it. I'd have to go with poor coaching on the part of the Heat not getting into Siekaly's grill for being lazy.

  2. Anyone who says Bird couldn't play in today's game – look at his release. Look at his hustle. Half the league now are sitting back waiting for a 1 on 1 in the middle. Bird could shoot over Ralph Sampson – I'm sure he would have no problem with Lebron….GOAT

  3. Bird and Parish own it on the pick and roll and in the transition game…

    this is the thing about Birds Celtics after 86…where is McHale?out with an injury again?…from 87 on there were always injuries plaguing someone and outside of new england no1 has ever been willing to fully recognize it…if someone vital like McHale or Bird wasnt absent someone was playing thru something and wasnt 100%…From 1988 on Birds back was so mangled alotta times he couldnt feel anything with his feet…kinda tough to perform at a MVP level and avoid other injuries under those conditions …ended up having to get surgery to remove bone spurs from his feet in 89 missed pretty much the entire season came back in 1990 definitely had the worst yr of his career esp in playoffs….and then DJ retired..

    Its almost a crime against the history of the sport because legacies and false narratives have been allowed to flourish mainly that Magic Johnson was the better player when if anything Magic was a lil if not significantly inferior because altho he was a slightly better passer and ball handler Bird was just as slightly a better rebounder and scorer and was a far better defensive player a 3 time all def 2nd teamer whereas Magic never made any all def teams-Bird actually has better def stats than Kobe and Lebron…

    Magic won more times because he joined forces with the MVP of the NBA as a rookie and he and his teammates suffered very few injuries and the injuries they suffered only generally set individual players back for a season at kinda convenient times and did not permanently damage those players and put them on the decline…By the time Kareem truly declines due to age out of being anything resembling a MVP caliber player Magic and Worthy have come into their own with Magic as a MVP, and both of them stayed healthy, whereas Bird had no one like that to lean on like Kareem while he was going thru hsi 1st few seasons in Boston, and just as Bird began to decline due to injuries after 86 and McHale reached his prime in 87 McHale also broke his foot then played that entire postseason on it to his detriment and was never quite the same player again either…They also had drafted a player that previous offseason some speculated was gonna be a rival to MJ, but he died of a drug overdose…

    Shame because not only did Magics legacy get pushed above Birds but obviously MJs did and now Kobes and Lebrons have and by the time Birds passes away he wont even be considered a top 20 player by the sheeplike populace even tho IMHO he is one of the 3-5 best players in NBA history while those being pushed ahead of him whove come along since, with the exception of MJ, are/were inferior players for a variety of obvious reasons.

  4. You could put larry bird and robert parish on a team of all first year rookies and by the end of the season theyd be a well oiled scoring machine.Larry Bird made everyone around him better.What a once in a millenium player.

  5. I wss a lucky one that watched the Celtic players thru out their careers. Looking back in time, I didn't realize then how gifted Larry was. LARRY took the game to a higher realm; something no other player has accomplished.

  6. If Bird could've stayed healthy, he could've won his 4th ring that year. This team, coached by Chris Ford, was a great blend of veterans (Bird, Parish, McHale) and some good young players like Lewis, Gamble, Shaw, Fox, Dee Brown and Michael Smith. Included were Pinckney, Bagley and Joe Kleine for even more depth. They started the season something like 17-3 and were crushing teams like the 86 Celtics until Bird's back went out. I truly believe they would've won it all that year if not for Bird's back failing him.

  7. Can anybody explain why the European ideology of place the big man away from the basket, like Dirk Nowitzki plays, is any better than this style of basketball? How I miss seeing the big men battle in the paint, under the basket! Today's NBA big men are afraid to touch each other and drives to the hoop get no real defence!

  8. The skill displayed by Parish and Bird here hasn't been seen since. The highest level of skill displayed since then was prime Grant Hill, Deron Williams, and Chris Paul.

  9. He was a basketball genius,no question.I love that era of ball.I still watch from time to time if certain guys are playing but it just don't seem as clean and team oriented now as it did.I am a Spurs fan and the last time they won in '14 was a clinic of ball movement.

  10. Never saw this game = thanks so much for posting. The passing displayed here is phenomenal – so fun to watch. Bird had such good court vision and an instinct for the game = truly beautiful to see his creativity and he makes everything look so easy!! It must have been a dream come true for the players that got to play with Bird and a nightmare for those who played against him.

  11. Bird was a incredible player. Even with an ailing back and towards the end of his career he could totally control a game and make everyone around him play at a higher level. He had incredible hands and a vast array of shots. I like when he throws up these high parabolic shots when he is met by a taller or a jumping defender. I have never seen any other player do that.

  12. This is a great clip for the younger fans who never saw him play and can't fathom how a slow guy w no hops dominated so completely in basketball's greatest decade (and this is at the very end of his career when his body was broken). Watch that ball movement and court awareness. He clearly saw the game much differently than everyone else.

  13. That very last segment of play, the triangulation of those passes, zig zagging past the opposing players – if you get that kind of passing tempo going, nobody can react fast enough to stop you. Clever, clever basketball. Bird at the heart of it, obviously!

  14. I know this is a Larry channel. It seems to me that everyone that played with him played better, consistently. I am by no means a basketball fan. As an outsider Larry did stuff with the team mates he had, that I honestly have never seen a basketball great do. I know that is sounding wrong. I don't mean that Larry made everyone better. It's almost like playing alongside Larry changed the way basketball was played by everyone who played with him.

    The entire time Larry was with the celtics (from what little I know) seems to consist with the celtics during that period being unbelievable with passing and reaction times to passes. By everyone, not just Bird. I can't imagine any basketball player not wishing they had a team mate like Bird was.

    Such a bizarre specimen. I'm not saying he is the greatest btw. His basketball just seems so different from every other greats version of basketball. I swear it's as if he passed sometimes just to rib his opponents. I also swear he took shots for the same reason. I know he has said it's all about the team winning…..watching some of these compilations it almost seems like it was more about the little chuckles he got to himself.

    I fully expect to be wrong on 100% of my extremely amateur analysis of the individual. If basketball were like it was way back then I might actually watch it. (not just Bird) The entire NBA seemed more entertaining then. Even Jordan. (I wonder if him being almost bigger then the NBA had anything to do with what has happened since) ??


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Property Showcase | 6767 Collins Ave #1210, Miami Beach

Ocean-front living is what Miami Beach is all about. Come enjoy waking up to the inspiring direct and unobstructed...
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