Sunday, July 25, 2021

3 Chicagoans missing in Florida condo collapse

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Three Chicago residents are among the 99 people unaccounted for after a condo building collapsed overnight in Surfside, Florida. FULL STORY:


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  1. I think many had no idea what hit them. There are going to be so many lawsuits in this tragedy. Imagine the ones in control of this condo having the knowledge that there were serious issue and did nothing to prevent these people’s deaths. In fact they were still selling units knowing that they were putting people in peril.

  2. This is a horrible tragedy and my heart goes out to all that have been lost and for all that have lost a loved one. Unfortunately, accidents like this do happen rarely and it’s sad that the first thing many people think about is who to blame or sue. Certainly we all want to understand what happened to the building but at this point we should be concentrating and supporting all those that have been affected by the collapse. Everything else will be figured out with time. Who really cares at this point who is to “blame”. May those that have perished Rest In Peace and those that have lost loved ones or their homes find peace as well.

  3. I cry every time I hear of those still missing- For family members to see the video of the collapse must be so horrific- I pray for miracles- In a moment- blink life changes- We take it for granted

  4. Thank you God. Your angels have protected me.

    Just clean as you go. Never leave food out. Kitchen and bathroom has to be tops!

    Just treat everyone, the way you want to be treated. Do not be evil and greedy.

    No one can ride your back, unless you bend over.

    Put a d before anger, and you get danger. Never argue, but do physically protect

    Chicago genocide for over 60 years.

    Over 800 killed this year, and thousands wounded.

    We are owed $2,000.00 per month from Jan 2020 to the present. We can work online at home. Get people off the streets where gangs are charging them rent etc. Rent and Utilities control!

  5. Those buildings need cctv in and out surveillance video each floor check every day and night rounds the guardians job too. It could been damage by the terrorize check 👊 every day rounds all the walls columns in and out day and night rounds don’t forget to miss a single day and pray day and night whatever you shall prosper in Jesus Christ amen 🙏. God bless America God first. Pray instead.

  6. All I see is dogs sniffing where’s the equipment to move the concrete!
    Taking days to find and search for people and watch when it’s time to clean it up it’ll be done in two days !


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135 Palm Avenue, Miami Beach, FL

135 Palm Avenue, Miami Beach, FL | Represented by Mathieu Rochette Welcome to the Newest Modern Design on Prestigious...
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