Thursday, July 29, 2021

Can Florida Become The Next Big Tech And Finance Hub?

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In 2020, Florida became known as a safety haven for wealthy New Yorkers fleeing Covid. In recent months, some of Wall Street and Silicon Valley’s biggest names like Elliot Management, Citadel, Shervin Pishevar, and Keith Robois, have moved to the Sunshine state to build roots. It has reinvigorated a tech and finance boom many local officials like Miami Mayor, Francis Suarez, had worked on for over a decade. But data indicate that some of the hype may be overblown.

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Can Florida Become The Next Big Tech And Finance Hub?


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  1. One wonders how many ever-strengthening hurricanes have to roll through a half-submerged urban landscape in order for investors to find a less vulnerable location.

  2. Phillip moaning about the lower income end of Florida, where I live in England, it's a joke. Miami has a minimum wage of $10 an hour, with no income tax, no inheritance tax, amazing weather with plenty of recreational activities for free and only a 9% sales tax. Not to mention the extremely affordable house prices.

    Where as in London it's 28% more expensive than Miami, whilst still at £10 an hour minimum wage, that's with paying 20% income tax on anything over £12.5k, 40% if over £35k, 20% sales tax on almost all goods and services, a monthly council tax for your property, inheritance taxes and property taxes. On top of cold, miserable weather almost year round and next to zero activities that can be done for free.

    Haven't a clue. I'm white, born and bread in England, struggled my whole god damn life, as well as my family. Sick of hearing the race card as to how the world is built off the backs of blacks, such a boring narrative. The whole world is struggling, regardless of your descent and ethnicity, open your damn eyes.

  3. Further proof that climate change is fake. If the water levels rise, Florida will be under water. Why would they move there for Miami to be a new ocean reef? Dan Pena has the perfect argument on how climate change is a fraud…look it up.


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