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Sailing Schooled Ep. 1 – Miami, The Crew & Scarface

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COLLEGE APARTMENT TOUR – university of miami

hi hi ! today's video is my apartment tour at the university of miami! i loved decorating my apartment...

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Haydee Perez Tirse of Panda Animal Clinic Miami (Hialeah) Placed on Probation For Three Years "The state investigation found Dr....

Sailing School Begins! Join us as we document the week of adventure and learning. Today it’s an easy sail to Miami before we really dive into the hands-on schooling.
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What’s cool is we’ve signed up for this sailing class with Blue Water Sailing School and we’re doing it all on our catamaran instead of using one of their charter boats. When we found out this was an option for the ASA courses we were all in.
We begin our day at the HarbourTowne marina in Dania Beach and end by dropping the hook at Nixon Beach by the Scarface House.
Meet our crew, join us on a sail and let’s start learning.

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Our Cameras Used in THIS Video:
Sony Alpha a6000 with 16-50mm lens
Sony 18-105mm f4 G lens
Sony 10-18mm f4 lens
Sony DSC RX100 III
Sony Action Cam HDR-AS200V (with waterproof case)
YI Action Camera

Tripods & Selfie Stick:
Feiyu G4 Gimbal
Joby Gorilla Pod & Tripod: Ball Head X:
Flexi-Clamp Monopod
Sony Action MonoPod VCT-AMP1

Sony Gun Zoom Mic ECM-GZ1M
Gutman Windscreen for Sony Zoom
Built-in mic (RX 100m3) with MicroMuff

MSI GS70-096 Crimson
MSI GS60 Ghost Pro 002
Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Magic Bullet Looks

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  1. Wow. You were docked next to the SV 'Tanda Malaika' that unfortunately sunk off the reef on the approaches to Huahine, in French Polynesia, South Pacific. As documented by the Zatara family.

    Sad and strange to see her docked up next to you when you guys were just starting out in those days and now knowing what happened and to see where she ended up.

  2. Whoa, that boat next to you on the dock is the infamous Tanda Malaika— that hit a reef in the south pacific. This must have been when it was for sale before the family bought it.

  3. I’m just a few episodes into your sailing adventure after wrapping up Sailing Zatara. Couldn’t help but notice you are docked next to Tanda Malaika! Is that the same catamaran which ran aground?? I watched their story on Sailing Zatara.

  4. what is the freakin chance of you being in a marina next to the "tanda malaika" that sunk a few months later? The sailing world is so small 🙂 Do you guys know the Sailing Zatara family?

  5. 2:25 Oh wow! That's Tanda Malaika!
    Watching Sailing YouTubers is like watching the MCU or Arrowverse, you never know when an unexpected cameo will pop up.
    Now I'm just waiting for Wiz or Zatara to show up…

  6. I have sailed in the V.I. On sailboats of various sizes and am not happy I have to pay out overly 1500 dollars to relearn what I already know just to take ASA 114. So I am going to keep self learning

  7. I just found your channel from Hey Nadine's collaborative video for 2020. I love that you guys learned to sail right from your own boat! My partner and I are currently traveling around the world for one year, but only 4 months into our journey we're considering purchasing an RV when we get back to the states to continue traveling. Our most recent idea is purchasing a boat and sailing around the world… sound familiar? 😉 Haha. We have zero sailing experience, but it's nice to see you guys just went for it too!

    Happy, and safe, Sailing!

  8. So cool that Terry came along as your friend and "camera man"! With the 100% focus you both needed to put into your sailing training, it's really cool that you still got to video document your experience…and we feel really lucky as viewers 🙂

  9. Wow, You guys were docked right beside the fated Tanda Malaika. See her at 3.52

    This is ominous. You guys were just learning, but hired a good teacher and learned the ropes before taking off. You have many times mentioned the cautions you take not to suffer the same fate as that boat. I think its fitting that you started out side by side, at about the same time, at about the same skill level, but learned what it takes to be safe. That family survived but were uninsured so they are living in Polynesia and saving up for another boat.

    The Tanda Malaika traveled with SV Zatara from Panama to French Polynesia. But left on their own without the skills to make the right decisions. (, They ran aground in at the southern tip of Huahine trying to make land on old charts in the dark. They told their story to the Sailing Zatara family ( and Sailing Nahoa couple happened upon the wreckage just days after (


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Above & Beyond drop 'Sun & Moon' @ A|X in-store Miami, March '11

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