Friday, October 22, 2021


Andres Carmona Rubio, MD | Cleveland Clinic Medicina Cardiovascular (Spanish)

To learn more about Dr. Rubio, please visit Cardiologist Andres Carmona Rubio, MD, says it's special when he sees changes in his ... source

Michael Medina, MD | Cleveland Clinic Florida Otolaryngology

For more information on Dr. Medina, please visit Otolaryngologist Michael Medina, MD takes the two team (working with plastic ... source

Stickie213 – Lebron James at House of Hoops Hoh Grand Opening in Miami

Lebron answers some questions at HOH in Miami. source

Miami Luxury Real Estate 1730 Cleveland RD Biscayne Point

Prestige Lifestyle Co. Let's take your listings to the next level! P: 305.204.7919 E: Arch. remodeled 15/16 mid century ... source

Surgeons At Cleveland Clinic Providing Healing Alternatives To Combat Opioid Crisis

Trying to find a way out of the ongoing opioid crisis, surgeons at the Cleveland Clinic in Weston are educating patients and giving them alternatives for healing. source

Firefighters Douse Blaze At Cleveland Clinic In Weston

Hundreds of employees and patients inside the Cleveland Clinic in Weston were evacuated Friday after a propane tank exploded causing a massive fire. source

Sofya Asfaw, MD | Cleveland Clinic General Surgery

To learn more about Dr. Asfaw, please visit General Surgeon Sofya Asfaw, MD, includes families in the decision making of the patient’s situation. She sees injured and critically ill patients and acute care surgery patients. ▶Share this video with...

Katherine Trunzo, MD | Cleveland Clinic Obstetrics & Gynecology

To learn more about Dr. Trunzo, please visit Obstetrician and gynecologist Katherine Trunzo, MD, says talking with her patients about her experiences and being in their shoes at one point has made her a better doctor. She sees patients...

Samuel Samuel, MD | Cleveland Clinic Pain Management

To learn more about Dr. Samuel, please visit Pain Management Specialist Samuel Samuel, MD really tries to treat his patients globally. source

Martin Newman, MD | Cleveland Clinic Florida Plastic Surgery

To learn more about Dr. Newman, please visit Plastic surgeon Martin Newman, MD, says a significant portion of the practice is ... source
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