Thursday, March 23, 2023

Are you prepared for ‘sneaky’ winter hazards?

Big snowstorms.  They’re normally well forecast.  You’ve got days to prepare, and while they may close schools, businesses, and make travel difficult, you’re not planning on going anywhere anyway. 

But, what about those weather events that sneak up on you? 

Hearing “an inch of snow” in the morning forecast doesn’t cause you to think twice about driving to work, but having it fall during rush hour could cause a gridlock.  “Freezing drizzle” might make you grab the umbrella when crampons might be a wiser choice.  And you’d never expect weather impacts when the forecast is bright and sunny, but drive westward toward the sun with freshly fallen snow all around. The glare may make you feel like you’re driving blind.

The winter season features many “sneaky” hazards that cause big impacts without making big news. This year, we’re focusing on preparing you for these lesser known but dangerous events, so that you’re Weather-Ready whenever they arise.

Visit our Winter Safety Campaign website to learn more.

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