Tuesday, February 7, 2023


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Time stamps:
00:00 : Intro, Announcements, Plugs
For EXCLUSIVE CONTENT Get into the FreshandFit PATREON:
03:44 : Introducing the ladies
09:13 : Super Chats
11:45 : Do the ladies have a sneaky link? Going around the world with cap
17:21 : Super Chats
17:39 : Myron announces why they bring on returning ladies and why all the ladies are unemployed
19:50 : Super Chats
21:09 : How do women want their blind date to look?
29:22 : What is little D energy?
32:30 : Ellie doesn’t want to body shame men’s height?
34:44 : Video on women rejecting men for height
36:37 : Do the women feel remorse for rejecting short men? LOL
41:38 : Would the women smash a short guy if he had money
42:44 : Magician Myron gives the ladies a boyfriend
43:34 : Super Chats
47:28 : Women live life on easy mode and average women on OF
52:22 : Super Chats
53:51 : The ladies think men like big women and don’t know how few men smash
1:00:23 : She thinks rich women settle
1:02:57 : Men do not want to wife up 304s!!!
1:10:21 : Ellie speaks facts
1:12:38 : Myron gives the car salesman analogy for relationships
1:14:51 : Dating 304s vs. taking 304s seriously
1:17:01 : The ladies’ past matters
1:23:09 : Super Chats
1:27:39 : The ladies still hide their bodycount
1:29:11 : Super Chats
1:30:14 : Would the ladies date a bi guy
1:32:43 : The kind of guys that settle with single moms and 304s
1:34:40 : The ladies think they are single by choice
1:40:00 : The ladies don’t want to accept that there are few men they want
1:41:49 : Get Rewards And Subscribe To FRESHANDFIT SPEARBOMB
1:44:16 : Setting up Casey Redbeard on a blind date video
1:48:57 : Reacting to the video and its not good news
1:50:42 : Continue the video and Casey friend zoned himself?!
1:58:04 : Reacting to the blind date
2:01:39 : Super Chats and would the ladies share a man?
2:05:19 : Casey shoots back in the chat!!!
2:08:19 : Why men are not honest with what they want
2:10:34 : Super Chats
2:12:00 : When do women settle for men
2:14:22 : What criteria is considered a women who has lost her value?
2:19:07 : Are the guys single? Here we go again
2:21:09 : Accepting women and men having preferences
2:29:54 : The new culture and what men really want
2:31:55 : Somehow we got on the topic of disciplining kids and dating single moms
2:36:04 : Super Chats and unconditional love
2:41:23 : Super Chats
2:42:41 : What kind of household did FreshandFit grow up in?
2:44:10 : Show Wrap Up


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