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Win a Rolex, PS5, and AirPod Pros while helping us reach 1 Million Subs. The sweepstakes ends in a few days!

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Time stamps:
00:00 : Intro, Announcements, Plugs
For EXCLUSIVE CONTENT Get into the FreshandFit PATREON:
03:15 : Introducing the ladies and she had happy endings as a masseuse?!
08:21 : They argue on what is considered “big” D
13:07 : Whats the weirdest thing the ladies know another woman doing for money? Here come the golden showers
17:10 : A guy wanted to get fisted….bruh
19:05 : Super Chats
21:04 : The guy was sprung on to film “fruit” films and claimed he hated it
26:12 : She was asked for a golden shower and this girl used to give golden showers to her ex
29:21 : The ladies think Myron is insecure because of how they dress and their 304 friends
34:11 : The ladies think they can have their cake and eat it too
37:58 : Strong Independent women thinks men like successful women
42:02 : Aura former sugar baby shows independent women men don’t care about career
44:26 : Myron has to explain the difference between men’s arousal and relationship attraction
45:45 : She brings up the patriarchy and Aura spits facts
49:17 : The modern world of marriage and relationships fails because men don’t set boundaries
54:17 : Aura again comes with facts and Independent women is triggered
58:38 : She has no statistics to back up her arguments and has no idea how relationships work
1:06:54 : Aura and redhead show how they’re feminine to a certain kind of man
1:10:52 : Myron pealed back the layer why redhead broke up with her ex
1:12:29 : Super Chats
1:14:42 : Would the ladies die for their man?
1:16:32 : When people talk about uncomfortable truths about women
1:21:54 : The different ways mens and women communicate
1:23:21 : Marriage is a duty and was never about feelings
1:28:42 : She teaches women the exact opposite and leading them to be lonely
1:31:54 : Super Chats
1:35:53 : Video on woman selling farts for $50k/week!!!
1:37:52 : Ladies react to the video
1:41:42 : People can have weird preferences
1:43:44 : The dark reality men live in without standards
1:47:37 : Whats the most important part women can bring to a man
1:54:27 : This woman goes off and gets triggered and the sad reality of women in the 304 industry
1:58:01 : Aura shows why women in adult industry can’t find love
2:00:48 : The reality vs. SJW ideals
2:04:52 : This is open misandry and she is a perfect example
2:08:46 : Here we go again with the wage gap
2:15:16 : Myron predicts that women will out earn men in the future
2:16:32 : Super Chats
2:19:16 : She thinks the facts are lies
2:21:34 : Super Chats
2:24:02 : Sexism is reality in both men and women
2:26:19 : Super Chats
2:29:43 : Myron makes his announcement go subscribe to
2:35:22 : She’s thankful she lives in a bubble
2:36:10 : The kind of women who support FreshandFit and Chris has a W
2:38:16 : Marriage does not benefit men in the same way it does women
2:47:10 : Redhead is openminded
2:48:02 : Myron explains she lives in a bubble
2:50:03 : Fresh wants a Castle
2:51:01 : She asks “how’s life” lol
2:52:01 : Redhead learned something
2:56:09 : Super Chats
2:57:54 : Show Wrap Up


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