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Proposed solid waste fee increase for this year

Proposed solid waste fee increase for 2023

The Department of Solid Waste Management (DSWM) provides you with waste services you can count on every day. For single-family residents, these services include garbage collection at the curb twice a week, curbside recycling collection every other week, unlimited use of our 13 Neighborhood Trash and Recycling Centers (TRCs), two bulky waste pickups, use of our Home Chemical Collection Centers, and code enforcement.

Due to inflation resulting in increased operational and personnel costs associated with service delivery, the long-term effects of the pandemic, and a sharp global increase in recycling costs, a solid waste rate adjustment is needed to continue critical services to our community. The increase to the waste fee will allow the department to maintain current levels of service for our residents and provide financial stability to the department’s Waste Collection Operations Fund to ensure we can continue providing these essential services to residents.

A solid waste fee increase of $36 per year, about $3 per month, has been proposed for homeowners receiving full service. A fee increase ranging from $9 to $28 a year, depending upon the level of service received, has been proposed for non-full-service customers.

Below, please find additional information on the proposed annual fee increase of $36 and why it is crucial. We are dedicated to our mission of providing exceptional waste collection, recycling, and disposal services that protect and improve the quality of life in our community and preserve our environment. We look forward to continuing to provide the exceptional waste services you expect and deserve.

What you get in return

  • The same reliable waste and recycling collection and disposal services you have come to expect
  • Resources to address illegal dumping
  • Automated notification of your bulky waste pickup and waste/recycling cart orders
  • Bulky Appointment System
  • Cleaner neighborhoods and communities through department-sponsored programs such as “Let’s Clean Things Up
  • Greater than 96 percent satisfaction rate for garbage, recycling, and bulky waste pickup
  • Continued electrification of our fleet to reduce our carbon footprint and save taxpayers money

Impacts on service without a fee increase

  • Garbage pickup may move to once-per-week instead of twice-per-week
  • Four of the 13 Trash and Recycling Centers may close and the rest would be closed several days a week
  • The Litter Collection, Shopping Cart and Community Service Programs may be eliminated
  • Curbside Christmas tree pickup may no longer be available
  • Code enforcement services may be reduced
  • Four newly-approved illegal dumping crews may be eliminated
  • The Curbside Recycling Program may be eliminated

Resources and additional information

learn more about Solid Waste Services available to you

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