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Washington, D.C. – Today, Congressman Carlos A. Gimenez, calls on the Biden Administration to take action against Communist China and Castro’s Cuba. The terrorist Cuban regime has become all but a satellite state of Communist China with military facilities dotting the island nation’s coast. New satellite images show a growth in spy bases that are related to Communist China in Castro’s Cuba, just 90 miles away from our shores. The Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) expansion of its capabilities in the region continues to threaten our nation, and more directly, our South Florida community.

These military intelligence facilities are found 90 miles away from the U.S. mainland and only 70 miles away from the U.S. Naval base at Guantanamo Bay in Bejucal, El Salao, Wayay, and Calabazar, as reported by the CSIS. These facilities have the capabilities to enhance the Chinese Communist Parties ability to spy on American citizens and U.S. intelligence agencies. The Cuban regime has become a proxy of the CCP.

As the Representative for Florida’s Southernmost district, which includes the entirety of the Florida Keys, these espionage bases pose a direct threat to his constituents and millions of Americans across the nation. Communist China’s further growth and influence in our hemisphere such as building a mega port in Peru and Putin’s Russia sending nuclear-powered submarines to the Havana harbor are growing signs of President Biden’s lack of leadership and inability to protect our nation. 

Our enemy is at our doorstep and Joe Biden has failed to lead.­ The Biden Administration has engaged in a disturbing and irresponsible pattern of appeasement with the pathetic, military dictatorship in Havana. Including granting regime agents access to sensitive TSA facilities at U.S. airports and seaports, removing the regime from the list of countries not cooperating fully against terrorism, and granting economic concessions to a decrepit totalitarian state on life alert. 

“Communist China is proactively undermining the United States and President Biden has failed to take action. I urge the Biden Administration to counter Communist China’s use of Castro’s Cuba as their satellite state in the Western Hemisphere and apply the full weight of U.S. sanctions to prevent further expansion efforts,” said Rep. Carlos Gimenez“Anti-American adversaries are proactively undermining the United States by establishing spy bases to conduct espionage and cyberattacks. These growing threats to our homeland, only minutes away from the U.S. mainland, must be met with strength.”

Watch Rep. Gimenez video statement HERE.

Watch Rep. Gimenez video statement in Spanish HERE.

Read the exclusive Wall Street Journal report HERE.

Read the CSIS report HERE.

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