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87% of All Real Estate Agents Are Out of The Business in Less Than 5 Years – Redefining the Real Estate Industry:

Connecting home buyers and home sellers with top-rated real estate agents through competitive patent-pending Commission Refund Auctions

SEATTLE, March 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Real Estate Agent Bid, Inc. announced the launch of its first-to-market real estate digital platform, which went live on March 1, 2023. (“the platform”) was founded by Chad Link, who has over 17 years of real estate experience selling homes and training real estate agents as a brokerage owner and Designated Broker. This platform is designed to connect home buyers and home sellers with top-rated real estate agents utilizing competitive Commission Refund Auctions. The platform’s Commission Refund Auctions uniquely allow home buyers and home sellers to share in the commissions, which are earned by the agents who represent them. Current Big-Tech marketplaces do not share the exorbitant fees they collect from real estate agents with the home buyers and home sellers they have referred. Additionally, this platform allows real estate agents to build their businesses by accessing a consistent source of potential new clients.

“Our platform is the result of my desire to solve two specific problems which have been present in the real estate industry for years. As a real estate agent, I intimately understand the challenges that agents, home buyers, and home sellers face in our market,” said Chad Link.  “First, we provide real estate agents with a consistent source of home buyers and home sellers as potential clients. And I mean dedicated home buyers and home sellers – not the normal client leads you get from Big-Tech real estate search sites, the majority that lead nowhere. If you’re an agent and you win the Commission Refund Auction, you secure the home buyer or home seller as a client. And second, our platform attracts home buyers and home sellers by allowing them to share in the commissions earned by the real estate agents who represent them instead of that money going to a billion-dollar company.” Chad continues, “I approach the solutions to these challenges from the perception of a real estate agent, not a tech guy, the vast majority of whom have never had to sell homes or build businesses as real estate agents.”

Create a Commission Refund Auction, Watch Agents Bid, Buy/Sell your Property, and Get Paid
The platform does not provide home listing information or sell homes directly online. Instead, through Commission Refund Auctions, the platform allows home buyers and home sellers direct access to highly skilled and motivated real estate agents. Agents invest in their clients by sharing their commissions rather than using that money to pay billion-dollar real estate search site companies.  

“Agents are forced to pay exorbitant sums, either through advertising, memberships, or client referral fees to social media and real estate marketplaces, all while wasting hundreds of hours chasing client leads who are not serious about the buying or selling process to begin with,” said Chad Link. “And unfortunately, one of the dark secrets of the real estate industry is that the majority of agents are part-time, will only sell approximately six homes a year, and 87% will be out of the business in five years or less. Real Estate Agent Bid was created as a win-win solution for agents, home buyers, and home sellers.”

Creating a profile and starting a Commission Refund Auction is an easy, five-step process:

  1. Sign up for a home buyer or a home seller account, which is always free, on
  2. Create a new listing called a “Client Auction Listing.” For example, if a buyer is interested in purchasing a 3-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom, 2000+ square foot home in the Seattle area – with a budget between $900,000 and $950,000 – they would include this information in their Client Auction Listing.
  3. Once the Client Auction Listing is complete, an active 5-Day Commission Refund Auction begins. During the competitive auction, watch as top-rated real estate agents bid against each other to see which one is willing to provide the buyer or seller with the largest commission refund. Agents can bid as often as they would like, sharing as much of their commission as they want to secure the buyer or seller as a client.
  4. After the Commission Refund Auction concludes, the platform puts the buyer or seller in exclusive contact with the winning agent.
  5. Once the buyer or seller successfully closes on a home, they receive a Commission-Refund Check directly from their real estate agent in the amount agreed upon during the Commission Refund Auction.

“Other platforms charge agents thousands of dollars a month just to be sent potential clients – not solid leads,” said Chad Link. “We are offering our first-to-market patent-pending approach completely free to agents for our first year because we want them to grow with us. After that, a simple and transparent $199 monthly membership fee with no long-term contract ensures that agents and home buyers, and home sellers can continue to connect. And since home buyer and home seller memberships are always free, there is absolutely no risk!”

View informational videos and learn more about the process at:

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