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Bank Shot Launches New and Improved Digital Disbursement Solution to Expedite the Closing Process with Added Security and Efficiencies

ATLANTA, Aug. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Bank Shot, an app built for speed and security in sending earnest money has further positioned itself as an all-in-one payments solution by improving their digital disbursements feature. This enhanced iteration will allow closing teams to send disbursements as digital checks through the Bank Shot portal, with new added features.

“It has always been our vision to make Bank Shot the all-in-one payments solution for the real estate and title industry,” said Abigail Nichols, Head of Customer Success at Bank Shot. “With our enhanced digital disbursements solution, Bank Shot is helping our customers to save on cost and time, so they can focus on what really matters: peace of mind for the homebuyer!”

Before Bank Shot’s modern solution, sending disbursements required physical mailing or the hand-delivering of checks, accompanied by mailing fees and a 2-3 day waiting period for agents to receive commission.

Improvements include dual signature and approval, batch uploading, and the ability to schedule recurring payments. These added features not only increase efficiencies for brokerages and businesses, but they also reduce risk and ensure compliance with certain state requirements. In addition, instead of having a cookie cutter approach to payments, customers can configure workflows in a way that works best for their teams as well as state regulations.

Bank Shot is not only introducing powerful new features, but they are also utilizing and strengthening the benefits enjoyed from the original version. “After taking the initial feedback from our current customers, we have applied tools from our disbursements solution to our feature roadmap, and we have even more exciting things on the horizon!” Nichols remarked.

In order to learn more about this new version, please reach out to your Bank Shot rep, or get a demo of the platform at

As society propels forward with its utilization of technology, Bank Shot continues to commit itself to its customers and find ways to improve the user experience.

About Bank Shot
Bank Shot (Earnest Money App: Get Bank Shot) is a multi-platform payments solution that makes depositing earnest money checks, commission checks, rental house checks, disbursements, and any other payment more convenient, compliant, and secure for real estate agents, brokers, title companies, and property managers.

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Abigail Nichols
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