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Havenpark Communities Celebrates Four Years of Investment in Minnesota to Grow and Preserve Affordable Housing Options

OREM, Utah, June 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Havenpark Communities, an operator and developer of manufactured home communities, is proud to celebrate four years of providing affordable housing in Minnesota and continuing to take significant steps to enhance the resident experience across the state.

Since 2019, Havenpark has invested more than $2 million, on average, in each of its manufactured home communities in the state.

“The convenience of where we live is wonderful,” said Will, a resident of Havenpark’s manufactured home community near Minneapolis. “The places we can go to are close, we choose either entrance or exit, and there are many shops and places to visit. We also have a beautiful lot and home.”

Havenpark’s ongoing investments into its properties focus on enhancing community safety and infrastructure by resurfacing roads, repairing concrete, and building new tornado shelters, as well as adding amenities such as playgrounds and adding overall curb appeal with landscaping, tree removal, and high-quality community signage.

Linda, who has lived in her community for 28 years, appreciates Havenpark’s commitment to property upgrades that make living in her neighborhood safer, such as wider sidewalks and locked mailboxes, while still enjoying the privacy of her individual lot.

Havenpark continually strives to improve the resident experience through various initiatives and capital investments that ultimately add to the value of residents’ homes.

“I enjoy the fact that I can own my home and decorate the way I wish,” remarked Doug, a resident who has lived 27 years in his manufactured home community.

Additionally, Havenpark recently awarded four Minnesota student residents academic scholarships worth up to $10,000 annually to assist in their educational journeys.

“Manufactured homes are an opportunity for affordable homeownership in Minnesota and across the country,” said Havenpark CEO and Co-Founder Robbie Pratt. “Havenpark is committed to providing quality, well-located, affordable housing in safe, caring communities.”

Residents often cite the joy of community gatherings like potlucks and even spring cleaning. Kendra, a longtime resident of her community, said she “never laughed so hard and felt such pride in her community the way people helped one another” during a spring cleanup event.

Havenpark has added 250 affordable manufactured homes across its Minnesota portfolio since 2019, with 150 additional units planned in the next two years at a time when much of the nation continues to suffer from an acute housing shortage.

Havenpark Communities is an operator and developer of manufactured home communities and makes caring communities attainable for responsible residents in Minnesota and across America. Since 2017, Havenpark has sourced and installed over 4,000 new factory-built homes, providing quality, affordable living to over 10,000 Americans across the country. Last year, Havenpark Communities added 870 new affordable homes across the country and has committed to adding another 800 in 2023. Havenpark believes in respectful and professional management, well-maintained communities, and attainable homeownership. Havenpark makes long-term investments in its communities, providing enduring value for current and future residents.

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