Sunday, February 5, 2023

Is Inflation Actually GOOD for the Housing Market?

We are all suffering through some big inflation numbers going into 2022, but how does inflation affect the housing market? Is inflation actually good for the housing market? This is today’s discussion, along with showing you around Fairway Park in Normandy Isle Miami Beach, combining business and pleasure.

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0:00 How inflation affects the housing market
2:03 Fairway Park Miami Beach
2:37 Housing market prediction 2022 and inflation
3:18 Exploring the park and the neighborhood
5:16 A warning for real estate investors
6:25 $1 million+ golf course houses and inflation
8:34 Normandy Shores Golf course
8:58 Let me know how I’m doing
9:35 There’s a rooster in this video
9:47 Do you want to see good Miami Beach investment deals?
11:07 Real estate is probably your best bet against inflation right now

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