Monday, January 30, 2023

Pass the Florida Real Estate Exam with 25 Questions Actually on the Exam in 2022

These 25 questions are on the Florida Real Estate Exam. This video is a zoom presentation by Michelle Earley, Owner/Instructor with Magnolia School of Real Estate in Sarasota County Florida. These 200 students watched a zoom presentation of 25 questions and tips and information about the state exam. You can purchase the $49 Online Cram Course that has the 50 most asked questions on the state exam with videos explaining the material, 25 questions that are 100% on the state exam, the 10 most asked math questions on the state exam, 3 practice tests that are VERY similar to the state exam, and a link for 5 additional practice tests!
Read our reviews on Google where the school and Michelle Earley are five star rated!

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