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VERO Announces VERO1, the First Centralized Leasing Tool for Enterprise Owners and Operators

Modern Screening and Leasing Platform Returns Time and Energy to Busy Leasing Teams

NEW YORK , Aug. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — VERO, the modern screening and leasing platform for owners and renters, today unveiled VERO1, a groundbreaking product set to revolutionize the rental application process by pairing augmented artificial intelligence with a dedicated team of analysts to provide ready-for-decision applications to the operator. Purpose-built for enterprise, VERO1 will make the burdensome process of the enterprise application management process 10x more efficient, returning valuable time and energy to under-staffed teams.

Born from the need to make the rental application process safer and faster for both consumers and operators, VERO1 is the answer to enterprise operators’ long-standing challenge of effectively managing the application workflow across geographies and asset classes. Large-scale real estate operators, inundated with staffing headwinds, varying leasing workflows, and preparing ready-for-decision applications, have long sought an all-in-one solution that could streamline this process–thereby freeing their time for higher impact tasks.

Initially launching with Gables Residential, an Atlanta-based owner-operator overseeing more than 31,000 units, VERO1 is poised to produce unprecedented results: 10x the speed of completed applications and doubling the application growth rate (compared to non-VERO properties).

By providing verified data on income, employment, identity, documents, residential, credit, criminal, and eviction in minutes, VERO1 delivers only ready-for-decision applications to the operator. This dramatically accelerates leasing decisions, resulting in increased occupancy and dramatically higher rent collection rates.

The benefits for enterprise operators and property managers are transformative:

  • Time-saving: VERO1 can save operators’ days by reducing administrative tasks by 95%, resulting in a 10x faster application completion time compared to non-VERO1 assets.
  • Widened candidate pool: By delivering a uniquely seamless application workflow, VERO1 increases the size and depth of the candidate pool, doubling the number of qualified applications.
  • Increased transparency: VERO1’s consistent and auditable application workflows ensure transparency and accountability, providing operators with a level of oversight that was previously unachievable.
  • Top-Tier Customer Support: Pairing a VERO analyst with AI-enabled components, VERO1 offers an accelerated and secure rental application process, granting greater peace of mind to applicants.

“VERO1 marks a turning point for the industry as we redefine what’s possible within the application process,” says Lou Baugier, CEO of VERO. “Working hand in hand with our partners to help solve their most pressing challenges, our goal has always been to save operators time and resources. VERO1 grants a new level of modular centralization, providing our forward-thinking partners with the tools they need to make rapid, informed decisions.”

VERO is the industry’s first and only tech solution to automate the time-consuming tasks of verifying an applicant’s previous residency and qualifications, relieving teams from burdensome duties while accelerating the time from lead to lease. By combining each separate step of the leasing process into one centralized solution, VERO grants owners benefits like streamlined workflows, mitigated risk, and increased net asset value (NAV) while passing time savings and transparency onto their renters and on-site property teams.

About VERO
VERO is the modern leasing infrastructure for renters and owners. Designed to automate operations and mitigate risk, VERO consolidates a broken leasing process into one simple platform. By implementing proprietary technology, VERO makes lease management easier and more affordable for property managers while providing transparency and cost savings for renters. VERO’s partners include prominent industry leaders such as Gables Residential, LeFrak, and Westland. Learn more about VERO:

Press Contact
Alia Elle Vinson, VERO
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