Sunday, July 25, 2021

See Firefighters Rescue Boy From Collapsed Condo Building Near Miami Beach

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Watch as Florida firefighters pull a boy to safety from the rubble of the partial building collapse in Surfside near Miami Beach.

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  1. March 7, 2020, 19:14, a seven story hotel in a small city in outflung Fujian China, collapsed. By midnight, 43 people were dug up and rescued (some passed away in hospital soon). By 03:15 — 45 people. By 05:40 — 47 people. By March 8, 16:00 — 10 dead, 38 wounded. On the 52nd hour mark, a Mom and son were pulled out alive. After 116 hours, the last uncounted was found, dead and carried out. The rescue mission had finished. Lives in US have such low value. Pathetic. Shut Up about human rights ! Just shut up.

  2. This child lived on the 10TH FLOOR. He survival is miraculous. My heart is so broken that he left that rubble knowing his mom was still inside💔.

  3. OMG this poor boy. How heartbreaking hearing him call out to his mother. Basically, all he knew was he was with his mom, but didn't know she had passed away 😭
    Thankfully he looks well enough, but it it take a mental toll on him 💔

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  5. At the beginning the firefighter were rescuing people, later they were remove and a different team that do not work was brought in. The Rescue effort are VERY SLOW and are a total disaster , miami first responders are inexperience and have no idea of what they are doing a total desorganización. People could be alive and no one is working in the area.
    In similar situations other countries you see LARGE GROUP of first responders immediately removing rock to access the injured as soon as possible. Not here.

  6. Well
    That’s what happens when repairs are not made properly a s pitch patching and using cheap materials and cutting corners now 40 yrs later tragedy strikes I feel they’re now other way to move this process faster to find these families alive praying 🙏

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    world and hereafter..


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Fisher Island's Best Views from Villa Del Mare Penthouse #7292 – Fisher Island, Miami Luxury Condo

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